Benita S.
Submitted 03/25/24
Excellent and very thorough doctor. Great at explaining

Edward J.
Submitted 03/21/24
On time, always sensitive in the exam. Bedside manner top notch.

Francis T.
Submitted 03/03/24
Thank you

Heather N.
Submitted 02/29/24
Dr. Harris is not only an excellent doctor but also a really nice person. I’ve had two surgeries with her, and she was always available to answer questions, put me at ease, or provide advice. I’d recommend her to the moon and back.

Charles Y.
Submitted 02/23/24
Top-knotch quality care!

Robin P.
Submitted 02/23/24
Excellent doctor. She is so caring. Really nice person.

Eber A.
Submitted 02/19/24
Dr. Harris is very kind and makes you feel safe and confident. Dr. Harris gives you all the information you need and is open to answer any questions

Robert S.
Submitted 02/17/24
Dr Harris is a wonderful doctor who thoroughly explained all aspects of possible surgery and answered all questions completely and with great patience.

Marjorie F.
Submitted 02/17/24
Dr Harris is very personable, a good listener, and reassuring. She understood my presenting problem through listening and then examining me. Her explanation of it made sense, was clear and had a solution which she made sure I understood. She wrote down the directions I needed to follow. She is tops in every way!

Ellyn L.
Submitted 02/09/24
Dr Harris is a warm, loving and kind doctor. She is a very good listener who understands the needs of patients. When she tells you she is going to call or get the work started for a surgery she does it quickly. Then she calls you back to be sure everything is as expected. In the OR she is exudes confidence and makes the patient feel comfortable. You can talk to her and you don’t feel rushed. Dr Harris has operated on me 3 times- I recommend her highly and without reservation. I could go on bc I have many wonderful stories about my experience with her but all you really need to know is that she is an excellent physician, caring person and you will have the outcome you imagined. She has a personal touch that is exceptional!

Erica M.
Submitted 02/08/24
Dr Harris was available when needed and solve an urgent issue. Her guidance was useful to prevent further complications

Edgardo Z.
Submitted 02/05/24
Since I styarted to see Dr. Harris she has always made me feel comfortable and relax. She profesional and has away of making you feel welcome. Her office is always clean and she is always on time .

Rex B.
Submitted 02/02/24
Dr. Harris is beyond excellent. Wonderful care, nice office, and love her sense of humor.

Georgia H.
Submitted 01/28/24
She knows what she’s doing and she really cares her patients health

Irina S.
Submitted 01/27/24
Dr. Harris is extremely professional, intelligent, ethical and truly caring physician – and I consider myself lucky and privileged to be under her care. She is pleasant and attentive, honest and understanding, kind and compassionate. This rare combination of all the above mentioned qualities makes her an amazing doctor. …Much to my dismay, I am the unlucky owner of a bouquet of functional GI disorders in addition to myriad of very unpleasant colorectal issues- and so my case is beyond complex and far from straightforward. Dr. Harris is a very knowledgeable and skilled surgeon who is capable to think outside the box – and is more than capable to handle my level of challenge and complexity – and in all honesty I don’t know anyone other than Dr. Harris who I would be comfortable to entrust my care to. I would also like to mention that my family and I are forever grateful to Dr. Harris for providing exceptional care to my husband – from promptly diagnosing him to expediting his testing and then coordinating referrals – all done within unfathomably short amount of time in consideration of seriousness and urgency of the situation.

Amy B.
Submitted 01/20/24
Dr. Harris, is one of the most exemplary, wonderful, caring, attentive practitioners alive today. Were only other Surgeons/Physicians such a combo of exemplary care and genuine soul driven goodness. I cannot say enough good things about her. She has made such a difference in my life, and I am grateful for her care.

Shante W.
Submitted 01/20/24
For 7 years, I dealt with constant and severe pain because I to afraid to have surgery. Finally in 2023, I decided to seek out professional help. I went through 2 other doctors before I found Dr. Harris and she was so worth the wait. Her knowledge regarding my condition and professionalism is unmatched. She is precise with her diagnoses, she follows up when she says she’s going to, she’s kind, respectful, compassionate and all of the above. I highly recommend Dr. Harris

Doris W.
Submitted 01/20/24
Dr Harris is clear in her explanations and approach. She is warm and thorough. I recommend her services

Alan E.
Submitted 11/14/23
Dr. Harris is wonderful and warm. She makes an inherently uncomfortable situation as respectful and comfortable as possible. A wonderful doctor.

Adjoa H.
Submitted 11/14/23
Loved my doctor. She explained everything very well and I think she is amazing doctor.

Claudine A.
Submitted 11/06/23
Dr. Harris is clear and thorough, and has excellent bedside manner.

Betsy A.
Submitted 10/24/23
Good! Need result!!—-3too bad!

Lourdes B.
Submitted 10/13/23
Dr. Harris listens to your concerns and gives you clear explanations.

Rafaela Rita S.
Submitted 10/11/23
Dr. Harris was knowledgeable and friendly. She listened and answered all of my questions.

Gareth C.
Submitted 10/10/23
Very good bedside manner, gave lots of clear explanation. Put me at ease.

Deborah B.
Submitted 10/02/23

J M.
Submitted 09/30/23
Dr. Harris is the absolute best. She is a wonderful physician with a perfect mix of intelligence, warmth and patience. She spends time with her patients, does not make you feel rushed and reiterates the important of finding the root of the issue. She saved my life when I was in extreme pain and multiple other physicians were unable to treat me. Cannot recommend enough

John P.
Submitted 09/26/23
Dr Harris was very attentive and made me feel very comfortable.

Elana B.
Submitted 09/25/23
Very professional, comfortable environment. It was clear that I was under excellent care.

Tatiana V.
Submitted 09/18/23

Murteza B.
Submitted 09/10/23
Great dr one of best service

Erica S.
Submitted 08/07/23
I was nervous and Dr. Harris made me feel completely comfortable. She took her time and gave thorough explanations and patiently answered all of the my questions. A great experience overall and I highly recommend her.

Patti K.
Submitted 08/07/23
Great doctor! Very thorough and knowledgeable.

Monica B.
Submitted 07/31/23
Dr. Harris is very obviously knowledgeable and experienced with multiple lower GI issues, not just cancer surgery (or any other single sub-specialty). Her broader perspective and understanding of complex, interrelated colorectal problems has been sorely lacking in the care I’ve received from many other doctors, and I believe it is key to successfully treating my current condition. Her efficient questioning and insightful guidance during our initial appointment left me feeling hopeful and confident that the courses of action she recommended for me are well-founded, and that we can indeed significantly improve my quality of life. 5/5

Edita R.
Submitted 07/17/23
Very professional ! Great listener ! Works with compassion an empathy Best Doctor

Sandra A.
Submitted 06/25/23
Muy buena comunicación con el paciente

Marylou O.
Submitted 06/20/23
i went in for a procedure and Dr Harris made it very painless and fast.. great Doctor.

Christine E.
Submitted 06/05/23
Dr. Harris provided me with detailed information on the procedure and took time to address my questions. She is thoughtful and a professional.

James C.
Submitted 05/22/23
Dr. Harris was thorough in her explanation of my health issue and in effectively treating the problem. On top of that Dr. Harris has a great demeanor that is a perfect combination of warm, professional and friendly.

Marilyn S.
Submitted 05/19/23
Listened to my issues and provided solutions in a clear, caring and concise manner

Irina S.
Submitted 04/25/23
Dr. Harris is amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, caring, thorough and diligent physician! I completely trust her judgement without a spec of a doubt! She truly listens to her patients. She does not dismiss any of her patients’ concerns – big or small. She is dedicated to providing excellent care and she has been undeniably successful in doing so. Her staff is friendly and responsive. The office is state of the art. I am lucky to have her as my surgeon and highly recommend her.

Margaret K.
Submitted 04/08/23
My experience at Dr. Harris’ office was terrific from the staff who checked me in to Dr. Harris herself. Dr. Harris is so professional, down-to-earth and kind. She clearly cares so much about her patients. Her new office is beautiful!

Gloria C.
Submitted 04/05/23
Excellent care for ongoing issue!

Amanda R.
Submitted 03/20/23
excellent and professional doctor. Listens and is kind and smart. Answered questions. Has a sense of humor. Highly recommended.

Ana T.
Submitted 03/13/23

Antoinette P.
Submitted 03/09/23
I had the most wonderful experience at this practice! The facility is clean, the staff is welcoming. I have been seeing Dr. Harris for 3 years now and I can’t complain. She really listened to my concerns and helped me feel at ease. I highly recommended Dr. Marsha Harris. Antoinette from the Bronx

Barbara I.
Submitted 03/07/23
Long wait but Dr. Harris is worth it. She apologized for running late. She’s thorough, listens, is very responsive and knowledgeable. I love her pink gloves and red examining table. The lady has style!

Janet Z.
Submitted 02/28/23
Dr. Harris is wonderful. She listens to me and makes me feel at ease. Dr. Harris is caring, knowledgeable and compassionate.

Amy B.
Submitted 02/25/23
Dr. Harris is amazing

Michael L.
Submitted 02/07/23
Can’t say enough about how great Dr. Harris has been through many years of caring , gentle treatment. It’s a rare thing to have the same level of excellence for so many years and in these changing times.

Lystra S.
Submitted 01/31/23
Dr Harris was attentive and thorough. She made me feel comfortable by talking me through each step. I now have a better understanding of my problem. Thanks DR. Harris!

Debra M.
Submitted 01/25/23
Very professional and a great listener. I found Dr. Harris to be personable and empathetic.

Sophia D.
Submitted 01/10/23
Dr. Marsha Harris is a very good doctor. I recommend to get consultation and treatment to people with problem. Sophia

Brent K.
Submitted 01/04/23
Dr. Harris creates a very comfortable and personable atmosphere.

Randi Lois S.
Submitted 12/30/22
To Say that Dr. Marsha Harris is truly an outstanding – caring- compassionate- and professional Medical Provider is the Very Truth – Veritas!!

Tricia H.
Submitted 12/24/22
I am so grateful to have Dr. Marsha Harris as part of my care team. She presents in a professional, compassionate and sensitive manner listening to me and my concerns. Her knowledge and experience is apparent which is very reassuring. The support staff Iruna and Esmeralda enhance the compassionate office environment by their patience and sensitivity to patients needs truly listening and addressing any issues presented to them.

Barry W.
Submitted 12/13/22

Irene P.
Submitted 11/22/22
Wonderful doctor, takes the time to get to know you, go over history, thorough exam, details plan of care, and beautiful office too!

P H.
Submitted 11/16/22

Julie G.
Submitted 11/08/22
She’s absolutely wonderful! From now on I want her to be my doctor!!!

Penglong Z.
Submitted 11/05/22
Dr. Harris is straight forward, great with explaining the symptoms, definitely recommend

Paolo T.
Submitted 11/01/22
Personable and professional; clean space; seen on time.

Kari S.
Submitted 10/25/22
Quick and efficient. Dr. Harris had great bedside manor and was very informative and helpful.

Robert M.
Submitted 10/10/22
Doctor Harris was very kind and direct! Something I truly appreciate in healthcare.

Submitted 09/28/22
Was hress as y to meet you. Very thorough and caring.

Carlos B.
Submitted 08/27/22
Short wait in the lobby. Friendly staff and Dr. Harris is just wonderful.

Dannette S.
Submitted 08/22/22
Dr. Harris is knowledgeable, understanding, and professional. She’s been my doctor and I appreciate all she does to ensure I am comfortable with her taking care of this very delicate situation.

Jennifer J.
Submitted 08/11/22
Dr Harris was efficient, asked appropriate questions to diagnose my problem and came up with a solution. She listens well, shows respect for her patients and is always kind and pleasant.

Robin B.
Submitted 08/08/22
Dr. Harris was terrific! She was personable and knowledgeable. I really liked her.

Abiodun O.
Submitted 07/19/22
Dr Harris is great, her bedside manner is impeccable.

Carolyn W.
Submitted 07/16/22
Dr Marsha Harris is a wonderful, professional, doctor. My first visit, I was very nervous, she was very thorough and informative, excellent bedside manner. I would highly recommend her.

Judy T.
Submitted 06/27/22
I have been a patient of Dr. Harris’ for 6 years and have always found her to be sensitive, thorough and charming.

Adrian S.
Submitted 06/23/22
Dr. Harris was not only thorough but she was informative and disarming. She explained to me exactly what she thought my issue was and gave me comfort about it. She used wit and humor to make me more comfortable during a procedure that is often intimate and invasive. She was excellent.

Brunilda R.
Submitted 06/20/22
I was really nervous going in but Dr. Harris made me feel very comfortable. She was friendly, professional and informative. I left feeling confident that my problem was being handled and that I would recover from my painful condition.

Ira B.
Submitted 06/14/22
Treated me the best

Mario D.
Submitted 06/13/22
Dr. Harris is, without a doubt, the best doctor I’ve ever had. Great bedside manner! She clearly explains everything the patient needs to know.

Daniel K.
Submitted 06/07/22
Very prompt call back and referral

Julie D.
Submitted 06/06/22
Great doctor! Pleasant office and welcoming staff. Thank you.

Patrick R.
Submitted 05/25/22
Always a pleasant visit with Dr Harris, and I’d highly recommend to others!

Santa A.
Submitted 05/17/22

Ryan S.
Submitted 04/26/22
Everyone in the office and I felt a comfort meeting with Dr. Harris

Ashley T.
Submitted 04/12/22
Dr. Harris is soo friendly and knowledgeable. She makes you feel very comfortable and welcoming. I’d recommend her to everyone.

Susan S.
Submitted 04/07/22
I found Dr. Harris to be totally professional in her examination of me. She was pressed for time because of an emergency delay;but her review of my notes and her questions seemed thorough.She seemed kind and patient and explained everything she was doing. Thank you,Susan Shamper

Liliane B.
Submitted 04/06/22
Dr Harris was attentive, respectful, discrete and informative.

Anthony H.
Submitted 03/29/22
Dr. Harris is the absolute best. Highly Recommend.

Roberta M.
Submitted 03/25/22
Doctor Harris has the best bedside manner ever and always makes me feel right at ease. I wish every doctor was like her. Highly recommend.

Roe A.
Submitted 03/08/22
Dr Harris is great. She makes you feel comfortable. She has a fantastic bedside manner and a wicked sense of humor that makes *intimate* type doctor appointments seem not so brutal. I wouldn’t want anyone but Dr Harris as my rectal surgeon.

Irina S.
Submitted 03/07/22
Excellent visit. Very thorough and compassionate surgeon.

Chris L.
Submitted 02/28/22
Dr. Harris is an excellent care-giver – knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. I have been a patient for many years and have always had a positive experience with her and her staff.

Lisa A.
Submitted 02/22/22
Excellent, comprehensive, on time (early) care.

S S.
Submitted 02/22/22
Dr. Harris and her staff were all very professional and welcoming on a first time visit.

Jaíme G.
Submitted 02/21/22
Everyone friendly kind and accommodating in this office. Dr. Harris’ professional Manner so very welcome and bedside manner should be a lesson to all doctors Thank you Jaíme

Iris D.
Submitted 02/21/22
I had a great experience as Dr. Harris Patient. She is knowledgeable and also kind. In addition, she takes the time to listen, which I find infrequent these days.

Debra C.
Submitted 02/21/22
Dr. Harris had such a warming, welcoming demeanor. She made me feel very at ease and was very personable. So happy she was referred to me by my primary care physician.

Carolyn H.
Submitted 02/21/22
Dr. Harris was an excellent listener and very reassuring. I will certainly recommend her to others.

Emilia R.
Submitted 02/21/22
The examination was extensive. The doctor gets involved in your case. She is friendly, to add to professionalism.

Susan B.
Submitted 02/21/22
Pleasant and informative

Fortune S.
Submitted 02/21/22
Kind and friendly , clean and punctual

Yvette C.
Submitted 02/16/22
The professionalism and demeanor of the staff was great. They make you feel welcomed and attended to.

Frederique H.
Submitted 02/16/22
Great first contact with Dr. Harris. Felt very comfortable and received wise advices and informed treatment.

Deborah R.
Submitted 02/16/22
Dr. Harris is amazing … her kind approach is so welcomed by me. She explains everything in detail and answers any questions you may have … I never feel rushed with her.

DeVante L.
Submitted 02/15/22
Dr. Harris is an amazing professional with a great team of people behind her! I started seeing Dr. Harris late last summer where she very quickly identified issues I was having, walked me through what options could look like to feeling better (and quite frankly living better). Since my procedure I’ve felt amazing… especially knowing that if I have any questions or concerns, I can turn to her to explain in a way that makes sense and is clear and welcoming. Aside from our post op check-ins, I would visit her office ever quarter if I could — the warmth is really just there from her and her whole team. Thanks so much again! Sending all greatness back your way! D

Sarah P.
Submitted 02/15/22
Very nice doc, explains things well! Made what could be an unpleasant experience palatable.

Francis M.
Submitted 02/15/22

Joan B.
Submitted 02/14/22
Dr Harris exudes confidence and professionalism with a calm demeanor. I had a very thorough consultation and am grateful to feel a sense of security being treated by her.

Marva C.
Submitted 02/14/22
Very pleasant atmosphere. Dr. Harris provided incredible service. During my visit she was focused, knowledgeable, and respectful.

Edward F.
Submitted 02/14/22
Dr. Harris is an excellent surgeon who has intelligence & experience combined with a warm nature & true compassion. Dr Harris really does care about your health and guiding you w the best options and advice that every patient needs to make an informed decision regarding treatment.

Sondra F.
Submitted 02/14/22
Both of Dr. Harris’ front desk assistants are kind and professional. I find that comforting and incredibly important. The first impressions of a medical practice can be the most important.

Ina C.
Submitted 02/12/22
So nice and kind. She is great communicating what the problem is and what are the options of treatment.

Victoria K.
Submitted 02/10/22
the best service.

James C.
Submitted 02/09/22
Excellent care from Dr. Harris.

Wendell W.
Submitted 02/09/22
Dr. Harris is the best. She’s straight to the point, but has appropriate humor and understanding of anxieties associated with some of the procedures she must conduct. She gained my confidence during my first visit with her several years back, and has maintained it since.

Antonio E.
Submitted 02/08/22
Extremely competent and very kind .

Leslie R.
Submitted 02/08/22
Excellent very very friendly doctor of course I would recommend to everybody thanks

Milagros G.
Submitted 02/08/22
First visit with Dr. Harris. She really made me feel at ease, asked lots of questions, Explained everything to me. I left the office feeling much better. Would recommend her.

ChanRee K.
Submitted 02/05/22
Great caring doctor and polite staff.

Esther W.
Submitted 02/04/22
My expectation for this visit were originally negative, however this did not occur. Dr. Harris was pleasant and gentle.

Rose W.
Submitted 02/03/22
Dr Harris and her team were so very professional and show such great care. Dr makes it easy to feel comfortable and to relax in her care.

John R.
Submitted 02/03/22
Great “bedside” manner and obviously knows what she is doing.

Lois J.
Submitted 02/01/22
I have multiple issues, so I have been Dr. Harris’ patient for several years. She is, in equal parts, warm hearted listener and brilliant physician. She makes herself available and responsive. You are never just a number in this office.

Louise J.
Submitted 02/01/22
Dr. Harris is very nice and helpful. She made me feel comfortable. She has operated on me in the past and she was very helpful. I trust her.

Alexis P.
Submitted 02/01/22
Lovely staff. Dr Harris is warm, listened carefully, and clearly knowledgeable.

Submitted 01/31/22
Through exam and genuine concern for my course of therapeutic treatment.

Brooke Garber N.
Submitted 01/31/22
Dr Harris’s and her office are easily accessible.

Antonio L.
Submitted 01/24/22
Very well done. Dr. Harris is skilled, responsible, listens to what the patient says, does and feels.

Ellen B.
Submitted 01/24/22
Dr. Harris is thorough, careful,caring and has a wicked sense of humor. Made me feel more than comfortable.

M D.
Submitted 01/18/22
Good visit. Dr. Harris was a great listener. She was thorough and efficient.

Michael L.
Submitted 01/18/22
I’ve been a patient of Dr Harris’s for close to 15 years, and have always been treated with care and expertise and would not trust any other Dr. With this specialized treatment.

Ava S.
Submitted 01/17/22
Dr. Harris is a competent, intelligent and caring doctor. I highly recommend her.

Kim B.
Submitted 01/17/22
My experience was excellent. I felt cared for and my concerns were heard. Dr Harris is a wonderful human and outstanding doctor. Thank You!

Ramon G.
Submitted 01/17/22
Good care and follow up

Elizabeth B.
Submitted 01/14/22
Dr. Harris brings a warm and friendly demeanor that puts her patients at ease. In my visit she was extremely knowledgable, professional and approachable. Would highly recommend.

Ana A.
Submitted 01/12/22
Greatly recommend Dr. Harris.

Peter R.
Submitted 01/11/22
Without concern.

Kobi D.
Submitted 01/10/22
Dr Harris is extremely kind and professional.

Kalliopi K.
Submitted 01/10/22
Excellent doctor!

Edward F.
Submitted 01/10/22
Very professional and knowledgable and puts you at ease.

Audrey T.
Submitted 01/10/22
Seeing Dr. Harris is like seeing an old friend. She is professional, witty, intelligent, does NOT run late and will not leave the exam room until all your questions are answered. By far she is the BEST physician I’ve seen in a long time and you won’t regret making your appointment. Her staff is just as professional as she is.

Liz L.
Submitted 12/29/21
Dr. Harris was on time for my appointment and handled the issue quickly and professionally. She explained everything she was doing and made sure that there was little discomfort.

Michael C.
Submitted 12/27/21
Dr. Harris is always able to make me feel comfortable and confident in her friendly and knowledgeable approach to treating her patients. She is truly a gem of a physician.

Paul K.
Submitted 12/27/21
Dr Harris is the best!

Katarzyna S.
Submitted 12/27/21
Doctor Martha Harris is very professional. The patient is treated as a family member. Before and after the procedure you are provided with careful medical care. There are no unanswered questions.

Soheila F.
Submitted 12/27/21
Dr Harris is an excellent, competent, caring surgeon

Antonia S.
Submitted 12/20/21
I love you dearly; if one can love ones doctor professionally speaking. You are a wonderful person and one hell of a great doctor. You didn’t miss a beat in my care and even answered all of my questions.

G M.
Submitted 12/20/21
Professional compassionate and friendly doctor! Friendly and professional staff. Grateful to have found her

Kalliopi Z.
Submitted 12/20/21
Dr. Harris is polite, professional and thorough. She asked about my medical history, read about it and knew exactly what to do in my specific case. She takes precautions to ensure that further medical issues are not underlying.

Sean W.
Submitted 12/19/21
My experience with Dr. Harris has been quite exceptional. Each and every encounter, Dr. Harris has been thorough, personable, and caring all while delivering great patient care. Her office is clean and her staff are kind. I would recommend Dr. Harris to anyone who needed a referral.

Amanda D.
Submitted 12/18/21
Dr. Harris is thorough and meticulous in her practice. I appreciate her confidence and candor. She is sensitive to my need for privacy. She shows respect for me as her patient.

Joanh G.
Submitted 12/14/21
I loved DR Harris the moment I saw her face. If it is possible, Iloved her more after the exam. She is a first class Doctor. When I got home I immediately called my friends to tell them about Dr Harris.

Lenore L.
Submitted 12/14/21
Dr. Harris is warm, friendly and takes the time to explain clearly what she is doing and what the diagnosis is. I feel heard and taken care of by Dr.Harris.

Robert C.
Submitted 12/13/21
For a first time visit I was very satisfied how the Dr conducted our examination. She was very thorough in the history of my cancer and sounded\ positive about working to make the situation more comfortable for me.

Jessica C.
Submitted 12/13/21
I was referred to Dr. Harris with an acute and painful situation. She immediately put me at ease with her expertise, and her calm, light hearted demeanor. Dr. Harris is so highly regarded by interdisciplinary peers, including surgeons who I think are some of the best. -I see why! So grateful she’s now a part of my care team.

Alberto M.
Submitted 12/13/21
Dr. Harris was amazing as usual. Caring, professional, and efficient. The wait time still needs some work, as rarely I was seen at my actual scheduled time.

Maria S.
Submitted 12/13/21
N a scale from1to -0 I give dr Harris infinitely high marks I’m beyond holly and impressed

Barbara B.
Submitted 12/07/21
Dr. Harris is the best. She listens and responds back to your concerns. Always understands your concerns. I rate her excellent!

Daniel P.
Submitted 12/06/21
Excellent doctor! Really appreciate her technical assessment and personal approach. Confident I’ll feel better soon. Thank you!

Christine M.
Submitted 12/06/21
Excellent! Dr. Harris is terrific.

Barbara R.
Submitted 12/06/21
Dr. Harris is a gentle, competent present, generous with time to explain and to answer questions. She inspires confidence.

Isabelo R.
Submitted 12/03/21
I feel very comfortable with the doctor

Penina A.
Submitted 11/30/21
She was so kind and talked me through everything

Juan Carlos C.
Submitted 11/29/21
Dr. Harris is very kind & makes you feel comfortable. She answers all your concerns & questions. The clinic & environment is very clean & near as well as very friendly staff.

S C.
Submitted 11/27/21
i ‘LOVE’ dr. harris…she is very professional, kind, funny and an all around good doctor.

Lauren W.
Submitted 11/22/21
Dr. Harris is a top notch New York colon-rectal surgeon who I have entrusted with my care for over 6 years. She is also warm and kind which makes me feel relaxed and comfortable during my exams. She explains everything thoroughly. The office staff are friendly and the office suite is new and pleasant. I can recommend Dr. Harris without reservation.

Sultana O.
Submitted 11/19/21
Dr. Harris explained everything and I felt confident in her care.

Isadora H.
Submitted 11/17/21
Dr. Harris was the best! I was so afraid of my appointment but she was kind, made me feel at ease, and explained everything in detail, and she’s extremely competent! I wish she was my PC.

Cecilia D.
Submitted 11/17/21
Office staff pleasant and extremely helpful. Dr Harris was pleasant and very attentive to questions. Dr Harris was engaging and personable in our consultation. I would recommend Dr Harris to family and friends.

Lucia C.
Submitted 11/17/21
Dr. Harris was great.

Kathy C.
Submitted 11/16/21
My experience with Dr.Harris and her staff was the best! Punctual, professional and personable. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone!

Carrie S.
Submitted 11/13/21
Dr Harris made me feel comfortable & less anxious about why I was there

Erica G.
Submitted 11/13/21
Efficient and helpful.

Melissa R.
Submitted 11/10/21
Really pleasant doctor. She’s also funny, which is useful given the circumstances!

Phyllis B.
Submitted 11/10/21
I arrived at Dr. Harris’s office feeling very intense; I did not know what to expect as this was my first visit to her office. I was immediately put at ease. Dr. Harris has a calming voice and the ability for you to be completely open about your complaints. Her exam is conducted giving you the most dignity possible. I definitely would recommend Dr. Harris to anyone who asks me for a recommendation.

Emily M.
Submitted 11/09/21
First of all, Dr. Harris is the best – caring, knowledgable, patient centered. Her ethos extends to all manner of patient access and engagement, from setting up the appointment to being welcomed for my appointment to being escorted into the exam room, post-visit follow up and departure. Excellent treatment and care. Thank you.

Bukie R.
Submitted 11/08/21
Very thorough and friendly

Troy L.
Submitted 11/08/21
Doctor Harris is easy to talk to and her chearful demeanor and nice office space make for a pleasant visit.

Maggie N.
Submitted 11/08/21
Dr. Harris is Phenomenal. She is attentive to your needs. Knowledgeable. Charismatic. I love her. I love her humor. I would recommend Doctor Harris to everyone. Dr. Harris saved my life.

Lori C.
Submitted 11/07/21
Dr Harris has a wonderful bed side manner, is extremely thorough and makes you feel very comfortable.

Yasmeen S.
Submitted 11/04/21
Great doctor, so helpful, answered all my questions with patience and understanding

Mary Ann H.
Submitted 11/03/21
The staff is efficient and friendly. The wait time is minimal and the care Dr Harris gives is rare and excellent

Kevin K.
Submitted 11/02/21
Highly professional and Dr. Harris has an excellent personality which comes in handy when dealing with patients. Thank you.

Daniel R.
Submitted 11/02/21
I was very thankful to have Dr Harris treat me. She was able to see and treat me an hour after a refferal. Her humor was much appreciated during a painful time.

Greg K.
Submitted 11/02/21
Very Very good.

Stephen L.
Submitted 11/01/21
Amazing experience. I felt safe, informed and I laughed a lot. I cannot recommend Dr. Harris more highly.

Robert B. C.
Submitted 11/01/21
Compassionate and wonderful doctor. Thank you!

Lynn Y. J.
Submitted 10/27/21
Great Professional

Veronique A.
Submitted 10/26/21
Excellent visit and clear instructions

Lev J.
Submitted 10/26/21
After my first appointment with Dr. Harris, I started thinking clearly and deeply about my surgical and non-surgical options. I appreciate how clearly Dr. Harris laid out the risks and benefits.

Mark M.
Submitted 10/25/21
I have followed Dr. Harris from her previous office to her new location. I really like the new office the rooms are spacious and her staff is on point. Dr. Harris always makes me feel at ease and she is always professional

Susan B.
Submitted 10/20/21
Wonderful doctor with great personality and gorgeous new office. Very patient centered….recommend her highly

Pamela A.
Submitted 10/20/21
Who likes visiting a colon/rectal surgeon. Can there be any more unpleasant topic/experience? Dr. Harris was INCREDIBLE! Her bedside manner made me very at ease and I was still so happy with the experience (if one can describe it that way) that I gushed to my husband how awesome she was when I got home that evening.

Dean S.
Submitted 10/19/21
Will not go to anyone else. Dr. Harris is excellent.

Ronald A.
Submitted 10/19/21
Always a pleasure!

Nadia B.
Submitted 10/19/21
Dr. Harris is so personable! She was clear in explaining my treatment plan, very patient with my questions, and did her best to make me feel comfortable. And, on top of all of that, she’s funny!

A G.
Submitted 10/19/21
Dr. Harris makes the entire process simple, efficient, and comfortably cool.

Larry W.
Submitted 10/18/21
As always, I greatly appreciated Dr. Harris’ expertise and professionalism. I left feeling confidant about my health under her care. The office and support staff are courteous and pleasant. The new office environs are bright, clean and cheerful.

Jennifer J.
Submitted 10/16/21
I thought Doctor Harris listened well, was efficient, made sure she understood my problems, and then described exactly what was going on. I appreciated the clarity of that explanation, what I needed to do next, and her personable approach. Thank you.

Shanda R.
Submitted 10/13/21
The time spent in the waiting room was very short. I was also able to get an appointment right away for my procedure. The doctor is very warm and welcoming.

Jonathan S.
Submitted 10/12/21
Dr. Harris takes the time to get to know her patients. She provides a warm welcoming atmosphere and ensures a thorough visit. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who needs this speciality.

Sarah H.
Submitted 10/12/21
Dr. Harris is so lovely and passionate.

Carlos P.
Submitted 10/12/21
Awesome an amazing doctor. I will be having surgery on Monday and know that with God and Dr. Harris everything will be fine.

Martha C.
Submitted 10/11/21
I was pleased with my visit.. doctor was very informative and explain the procedure that needs to be done.. i felt very comfortable with her..

Lindsay B.
Submitted 10/10/21
Dr. Harris has exceptional bedside manner. She’s very informative and thorough in explaining what the issue is. I was tense going into my initial appointment but she is calming and doesn’t pass up an opportunity to throw in some humor. Absolutely recommend!

Petah C.
Submitted 10/07/21
I was referred by another doctor late at night to call Dr. Harris the following day to make an appointment with her as quickly as possible. When I called the following day, Dr. Harris’ staff (they were lovely!) arranged for me to come in that same afternoon. I was so concerned about my condition that I was extremely stressed. After meeting Dr. Harris and having her explain to me exactly what I was experiencing, I was completely put at ease. She is such a professional and took the time to clearly indicate to me what was going on. She is a treasure! One of the nicest doctor’s I have ever met!

Alton W.
Submitted 10/07/21
Very knowledgeable, courteous, professionalism and Caring

Joan C.
Submitted 10/05/21
Excellent new patient experience. The scheduling team provided clear instructions, the office (waiting room and exam room) is spotlessly clean, the Doctor was kind, clear and funny!

Alton W.
Submitted 10/05/21
Compassion,Respect, and Professionalism

Andrew M.
Submitted 10/05/21

Audrey F.
Submitted 10/05/21
Dr. Harris is thorough, detailed, professional and personable. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a specialist.

Kevin K.
Submitted 09/29/21
Dr. Harris is seriously my favorite doctor in New York City. I don’t know how she does it but she’s always in a good mood and seems to be having genuine fun at work. (Which is funny considering what the nature of the work is.) Seriously the best. I’ve even recommended her to out of state friends.

Deia C.
Submitted 09/28/21
Dr Harris it’s very friendly she makes you feel comfortable and it’s a good listener I really appreciate that

Wendy D.
Submitted 09/27/21

Lorelei O.
Submitted 09/27/21
A sharp and committed doctor – grateful for her intelligence and feisty curiosity. Listens with rare attention, asks good questions, and gets rolling swiftly with the necessary investigations. Plus she has a way of making some admittedly awkward examinations feel a whole lot less uncomfortable. Highly recommend-

Katherine F.
Submitted 09/26/21
Dr. Harris is a very caring doctor. She had a way of putting me at ease and making sure I was well informed of my condition. I would highly recommend Dr. Harris to anyone who needed her care.

Ramon G.
Submitted 09/25/21
The visit was quick and un embarrassing. The Dr was personable and took care of my ailment successfully

Abby G.
Submitted 09/25/21
Dr. Harris is personable, professional, and knowledgeable.

Andy S.
Submitted 09/25/21
Phenomenal. Doctor Harris is attentive, thorough and kind.

Samantha P.
Submitted 09/22/21
Where do I begin, when I went to Dr Harris,I was In bad shape, I couldn’t even sit down flat from a really bad pilonidal cyst, In addition to that I had an anal fistula, the sinus tract from the pilonidal cyst drained like a faucet… she was a Gods send, I was able to get an appointment immediately and was scheduled for surgery within the next week literally! Her love and compassion for what she does can’t be matched , after surgery I had gone to her office with white shorts, don’t ask I don’t know why white HaHa so my surgical area drained right in the middle of my behind she took the time to use peroxide and scrub the stain out what doctor do you know cares enough to do something like that ? Dr Harris with my permission recorded step by step how to properly pack my wound so hubby can pack my wound at home. I can go on and on how amazing she is, She made sure from beginning to end the job was well done… She literally gave me my life back and I’m forever thankful for Dr Harris.

Arline M.
Submitted 09/21/21
It could not have been better

Brett S.
Submitted 09/20/21
Dr. Harris is a very caring, gentle dr., her bedside manor is genuine and feel in very capable, knowledgeable hands

Patrick R.
Submitted 09/20/21
I had put of going to a dr because of the delicate nature of these kinds of situations. I was a fool! From the second I walked in the staff couldn’t have been nicer and Dr Harris made all my hesitancies disappear. I have two appointments set up to have actual procedures done but I’m much more comfortable knowing Dr Harris will be taking care of me❤️

Barry W.
Submitted 09/20/21
Satisfied Patient!

Rosanne L.
Submitted 09/20/21
Love Dr. Harris…she is smart, caring and easy to talk to…. She makes you feel comfortable… I highly recommend Dr. Harris…

Julia W.
Submitted 09/20/21
Very pleasant and professional will recommend to anyone

Anastasia L.
Submitted 09/18/21
Dr. Harris provided a lot of info in reference to my plan of care after the thorough examination. She seems very confident and knowledgeable. Dr Harris always responds to her emails.

Amanda B.
Submitted 09/13/21
She’s amazing!

Pat C.
Submitted 09/13/21
Dr. Harris was great – very professional and answered all my questions.

Amanda D.
Submitted 09/13/21
Since meeting Dr Harris a couple of years ago, I have been impressed by her ability to combine efficiency with care and compassion.

Mazal D.
Submitted 09/11/21
Amazing gentle doctor

Linda C.
Submitted 09/11/21
Dr. Harris is an amazing doctor. She’s extremely knowledgeable, personable and listens to what you have to say as a patient. She has a fantastic bedside manner. She spends as much time as necessary with her patients and makes you feel very comfortable in often uncomfortable situations. She is a truly exceptional!

Patrick R.
Submitted 09/07/21
Great doctor with a very kind and disarming personality.

Cindy W.
Submitted 09/07/21
Very friendly and helpful.

Thi Thuy Hang T.
Submitted 09/07/21
Dr. Harris was very professional and very pleasant to work with.

Jordan P.
Submitted 09/06/21
Dr Harris is great. She is friendly, personable, and very very knowledgeable. Highly recommend as gastro/colon Dr.

Michael F.
Submitted 09/02/21
1 month later and I can say problem solved! Thank You Dr Harris! From your bedside manner and humor to technical skills and knowledge you made this experience actually quite fun! Thanks Again!

Submitted 08/31/21
Dr. Harris patiently heard my explanation and answered the many questions that I had. She makes me feel at ease and comfortable.

Myrna O.
Submitted 08/30/21
Professional and courteous

Kim B.
Submitted 08/30/21
I was recommended to Dr. Harris, and it was my first time meeting with her. Right away I felt comfortable speaking with her about my problem. After meeting with Dr. Harris I felt confident that she understand what I needed done and she also help me to understand more about my issue and explained clearly what to expect. I’m happy that I came to see her and would recommend her practice!

Toni H.
Submitted 08/30/21
Dr. Harris makes you feel very comfortable. She is thorough and answers all your questions.

Alannah O.
Submitted 08/30/21
Dr. Harris was incredible. I was very nervous and uncomfortable going in but she solved my issue and put me at ease with a fantastic bedside manner

Submitted 08/29/21
I’ve been a patient with Dr. Harris for many years, she’s always been very kind and always thorough with each visit, answering any questions I have concerns with, and following up with me about any lab results and explains any possible treatments. She is one of the best doctor around town!

Maria S.
Submitted 08/25/21
Excellent! Loved to meet her and she helped me with my issue.

Kelly B.
Submitted 08/25/21
Dr. Harris was the most compassionate, empathetic doctor I’ve met in a long time! Couldn’t recommend her more highly.

David G.
Submitted 08/24/21
Wonderful office. Professional and warm welcome.

Brian B.
Submitted 08/23/21
Very friendly and knowledgeable. Put my mind at ease.

Linda H.
Submitted 08/23/21
Dr. Harris is thorough and explains everything very well and completely. I had a bad experience with another doctor which is why my primary care physician had recommended Dr. Harris and I’m so glad she did. She puts you completely at ease when the issues can be somewhat embarrassing and she’s direct and forthright. I feel very fortunate to have found such a caring doctor who I can trust with to help me be a healthier person.

Linda B.
Submitted 08/23/21
My first visit with Dr Harris was very heartfelt. I was a little nervous. When I came into the examination room, she was very kind and professional. I was able to relax with her. She explained any procedure that she would be doing to me. She’s also punctual!

Tilla R.
Submitted 08/22/21
Not only was Dr. Harris an excellent doctor, she had a wonderful bedside manner and always managed to keep me calm and informed about everything going on with my treatment.

H P.
Submitted 08/19/21
Doc is very knowledgeable, kind and takes out the time to listen to your problems.

Abbie R.
Submitted 08/15/21
She is so kind and smart!

Karen H.
Submitted 08/11/21
I have nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Harris and her staff. Dr. Harris is an exemplary physician – great skills but also a fine and caring human being.

Ina Alejandra C.
Submitted 08/11/21
Love her. She is great explaining and helps with all your questions.

Mindy G.
Submitted 08/10/21
Dr. Harris is competent and careful. She asks appropriate questions and listens to my answers as well as my concerns. If necessary, and I hope it’s not, I would recommend her to friends who could use her medical expertise.

Keith B.
Submitted 08/09/21
Dr Harris is awsome! She’s patient, friendly, and has a warm personality. She made me feel like I’ve known her for years!

Terry M.
Submitted 08/04/21
Dr. Harris is one of those rare people that you wish could be cloned into every doctor or person, for that matter, that you meet. She is so intelligent and beyond skilled at her profession. She excels at what she does whether it is is being a diagnostician or doing a necessary procedure. Always with a good sense of humor, she is confident in what needs to be done and is not an alarmist. And what she does works and makes your quality of life better. She is kind and understanding. What more could you want in a doctor?

Diana V.
Submitted 08/03/21
My visit with Dr. Harris was excellent. She is upper nice and informative.

Kathryn K.
Submitted 08/03/21
Dr Harris is wonderful. I recommend her to everyone I can.

Marilyn G.
Submitted 08/03/21
Not rushed, careful, supportive. Can’t ask for more.

Brooke N.
Submitted 08/03/21
Dr Harris explained things to me that no other colorectal rectal MD ever did – impressive

Marjorie F.
Submitted 08/03/21
Dr Harris gave very personalized attention to my presenting problems. The only negative being put in the treatment room by an assistant and then waiting for too long. The doctor herself was great!

Rose D.
Submitted 08/03/21
Dr. Harris’ staff was friendly, knowledgeable and very sweet. Dr. Harris is amazing , soft, gentle very understanding and I always feel comfortable in her hands.

Sarah D.
Submitted 08/02/21
Dr. Harris was wonderful! She made me feel comfortable, kept a sense of humor and spoke frankly. I would recommend her to friends and family.

Cristina M.
Submitted 07/31/21
Dr. Harris is very professional, very human and kind. She is one of my guardian angels

Brenda B.
Submitted 07/30/21
Dr Harris is a hands on physician who truly on top of her patients. Although she has a surgical team she made a personal visit.

Sondra F.
Submitted 07/26/21
Dr. Harris is always thorough taking the time needed to answer all my questions and address my concerns. She has been there with me for the last 5 years as a medical partner and advocate. I am beyond appreciative.

Abi S.
Submitted 07/26/21
Always a good experience being treated by Dr. Harris.

Sonia E.
Submitted 07/26/21
Dr. Harris is welcoming and easy to talk to. Most important, she is an excellent clinician and surgeon who changed my life immeasurably for the better. She explained everything in detail and made me feel comfortable going into surgery.

Marion M.
Submitted 07/26/21
Visit with Dr. Harris a very positive experience. She is highly qualified, experienced and a pleasure to meet.

Justo A.
Submitted 07/21/21
The service is great

E. C.
Submitted 07/21/21
Dr. Harris was great! She really put me at ease, and has a funny and approachable demeanor. She also clearly knows her stuff. I was very happy with my visit.

Mercilita S.
Submitted 07/20/21
Dr. Harris has been my provider since 18 years ago. I admire her professionalism and I highly recommend her. I have some health issues recently, I called her previous clinic but she was no longer there. I googled, found the number of her new clinic. I left a message and she returned my call, it was on a holiday(7/5)! She quickly helped me resolve my issues. She deserve more than 5/5 stars

Jennifer N.
Submitted 07/20/21
Dr. Harris is professional, skilled with a well-honed (and necessary in this field) sense of humor. She always makes me feel cared for and safe. The best!

Paolo T.
Submitted 07/19/21
Friendly and professional, kept me abreast of what she was doing all the time; no complaints whatsoever. In and out in a timely manner. Just what I like when I go to a doctor’s office. (As a physician myself I can appreciate good bedside manner, a clean office, and a prompt timely visit.)

Steven R.
Submitted 07/15/21
Understand my situation well. Very professional and respectful ✅

Sarah D.
Submitted 07/14/21
Wonderful. Dr. Harris made me feel so comfortable and kept everything simple!

Elise S.
Submitted 07/13/21
Dr. Harris is everything you want in a doctor. She makes you feel comfortable and confident. One of the most reliable and accommodating I’ve ever had. I willingly travel an hour to her office and would recommend her to anyone.

Ronni F.
Submitted 07/13/21
She was on time, professional and easy to talk with about issues. I highly recommend her.

Terry L.
Submitted 07/13/21
Excellent visit.

Andy A.
Submitted 07/11/21
Dr. Harris is personable and tries to put the patient at ease in what could be an uncomfortable experience.

Daisy R.
Submitted 07/10/21
Very good experience. She took her time to explain

Md Rezaul H.
Submitted 07/10/21
My first visit was great. The staff was great . Doctor Harris was very friendly and experienced. Overall I am fully satisfied

Noel R.
Submitted 07/09/21
Excellent visit

Sun P.
Submitted 07/09/21
She is so friendly and easy to talk to and make her patients feel comfortable.

Micaela R.
Submitted 06/17/21
My first visit with Dr. Harris was downright astonishing! It’s very rare to have a doctor actually listen and question and then take the time to explain everything a patient needs to know in detail that includes schematics. Thank you Dr. Harris for making me feel heard and most importantly, feel like I’m in the best of hands (pun intended).

Michael B.
Submitted 06/17/21
I was thoroughly satisfied with my visit to Dr. Harris. She was friendly, knowledgeable and punctual. I would certainly recommend her to others.

Submitted 06/17/21

Sybil C.
Submitted 06/16/21
Dr Harris listened to me very carefully. She was very precise in telling me what I should do at home. I would definitely recommend her.

Deirdre S.
Submitted 06/15/21
As always, Dr. Harris is warm and understanding. I feel very comfortable under her care and knowledge.

Garrett S.
Submitted 06/15/21
Dr. Harris was very professional and made me feel comfortable about an uncomfortable appointment. She made me feel safe and normal during the visit. Highly recommend.

Emily G.
Submitted 06/14/21
Such an amazing doctor! Dr. Harris goes out of her way to make patients understand the situation and feel comfortable. She drew a diagram for me and repeated details so I could take notes on my phone. As a young woman, I appreciated that she matched my energy and infused humor and understanding into our conversation. These kinds of appointments can be awkward, but Dr. Harris made me feel like I was getting the advice and exam from an aunt or mentor. I’m sure she’s amazing with GenX etc as well, but I’d personally highly recommend her to my fellow millennials.

Kevin C.
Submitted 06/13/21
Dr. Harris is quite thorough, informative and establishes rapport easily.

Harris P.
Submitted 06/11/21
For my hemorrhoids she has given me a innovative procedure which has so far worked beautifully

Sybil C.
Submitted 06/11/21
Dr Harris explained things very carefully and patiently to me. She was very warm and seemed to genuinely care. I would definitely recommend her.

Eduardo N.
Submitted 06/10/21
Very knowledgeable and patient centered. I arrived in a state of stress and left very relaxed and confident with the recommendation of Dr. Harris.

Jeffrey H.
Submitted 06/10/21
As always Dr Harris is spot on with her knowledge. She has directed me to where I need to be and it’s extremely refreshing. I strongly recommend and trust her.

Sharon A.
Submitted 06/04/21
Dr Harris is the most caring, knowledgeable, committed and patient physician you would want to be part of your health care team. She LISTENS to your concerns and offer the most evidence based recommendation and at the same time allowing you the option to have a say in the final decision of your care. She is warm, friendly and funny. I wish she could be my “EVERYTHING” doctor.

Adaline G.
Submitted 06/03/21
Dr. Harris was great and her staff were amazing as well.

Sharon M.
Submitted 06/03/21
Dr. Marsha Harris is a excellent and compassionate doctor. She does her work well and she’s very skillful at it. She takes her time to answer all your questions concerning your needs. I highly recommend her. Thanks Dr. Harris for truly caring.

A K.
Submitted 06/02/21
Have been seeing Dr. Harris for 5 years. She is very patient and courteous with her patients and take her time to explain things and answering questions.

Daniel A.
Submitted 06/02/21
I had a great experience visiting this medical office. Doctors and they’re assistants were great, as well as the location. I will definitely come back if need it.

April C.
Submitted 06/02/21
Helpful staff even while navigating sharing a temporary space with another doctor’s practice. Dr. Harris makes you feel comfortable and at ease right from the start. She’s clearly knowledgeable and very sensitive to personal needs–great bedside manner.

Deborah R.
Submitted 06/02/21
Dr.Harris is a calming soul … I was anxious when I stepped into her office but her demeanor and her explaining everything helped ease my anxiety.

Antonia S.
Submitted 05/31/21
First rate, but the fiber has not helped so far.

Paul T.
Submitted 05/28/21
Every single person from check-in to check-out, including Dr. Harris and then OR team, are amazing!

Cicely H.
Submitted 05/28/21
She has a wonderful, friendly demeanor and instantly made me comfortable. She was decisive when deciding my treatment and answered all of my questions.

Mingjue H.
Submitted 05/28/21
very great experience

Lauren W.
Submitted 05/27/21
Dr. Harris is completely professional while also being warm and friendly — a winning combination.

Monique C.
Submitted 05/24/21
Dr. Harris is professional, thorough, and takes her time listening to concerns. She offers practical solutions, and I would recommend her.

Sandy A.
Submitted 05/24/21
Dr Harris was fantastic. She took the time to explain what my problem was and what my treatment would be. She made me feel extremely comfortable. She even took notes for me. I would definitely recommend her.

Enid A.
Submitted 05/20/21
Dr. Marsha Harris is absolutely a great doctor. My first visit to her office, l knew that she was the doctor I wanted to take care of me. I felt the warmth of her spirit which made me feel at ease. After the examination she assured me that I would be okay. Her bedside manner is impeccable, she listens and cares about her patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Harris to my family and friends.

Chyvonne R.
Submitted 05/20/21
Dr Harris was very attentive. I didn’t feel rushed and I felt listened too.

Selena D.
Submitted 05/20/21
I absolutely love Dr Harris. She makes you feel comfortable and has fabulous rapport with her patients.

Janet O.
Submitted 05/20/21
Dr. Harris is a the whole package. Professional, caring, personable. She put me at ease from the outset.

Marcia T.
Submitted 05/20/21
Dr. Harris was very informative and very knowledgeable.

Cindy W.
Submitted 05/20/21
Very professional

Apostolis A.
Submitted 05/20/21

Margaret H.
Submitted 05/19/21
Dr. Harris was welcoming and explained my procedure in terms I could understand.

Toni H.
Submitted 05/19/21
Dr. Harris made me feel very comfortable and explained exactly what the diagnosis was and what she felt needed to be done. I would highly recommend anyone needing this type of specialist to see Dr. Harris.

Jennifer H.
Submitted 05/19/21
Timely, sensitive, thoughtful care.

James C.
Submitted 05/17/21
Excellent office and professional staff.

Francis D.
Submitted 05/13/21
Dr. Harris was fantastic. Serious, but with a good sense of humor which helped ease a potentially fraught health topic 🙂 Her staff treated me respectfully without being obsequious. Visiting her office was a great experience!

Anne Z.
Submitted 05/12/21
My experience with Dr Harris was wonderful!!! She immediately put me at ease with her professionalism and her personality!!!

Rachel R.
Submitted 05/12/21
Dr. Harris is a great listener and very helpful!

Greg K.
Submitted 05/12/21
Made it as comfortable as possible

Ramon G.
Submitted 05/12/21
It was very easy, I felt she took very good care of me.

Lindsey O.
Submitted 05/12/21
Thorough and friendly.

Maggie N.
Submitted 05/12/21
I love Dr.Harris she is an amazing Doctor. I recommend her to everyone. She is knowledgeable, considerate, kind and Has a great sense of humor. She has saved my life.

Tilla R.
Submitted 05/09/21
Dr. Harris is easy to talk with. She followed up with me and, although I’m certain she must be very busy, she has returned both of my calls to her, promptly. I know I’m in good hands with Dr.Harris.

Paul B.
Submitted 05/07/21
Dr. Harris is the consummate professional and extremely thorough. She is down to Earth and has an excellent bedside manner. I value her expertise.

Troy L.
Submitted 05/07/21
Dr. Harris is easy to talk to which helps you feel more at ease with the whole procedure.

Submitted 05/06/21
Excellent doctor. Very good communicator, good sense of humor, very thorough and detailed. Her assistants were great.

Rosanne L.
Submitted 05/06/21
Love Dr. Harris! She is smart, easy to talk to and available.

Liz Y.
Submitted 05/06/21
Dr. Harris was warm and friendly, and explained everything thoroughly. I didn’t feel rushed at all during my appointment, which is an issue I seem to be experiencing with other doctors who want to just get through all the patients for the day. 5/5 would recommend!

Nancy R.
Submitted 05/06/21
I love doctor Harris she spends the time to educate her patients about what’s happening

Catherine L.
Submitted 05/05/21
Great experience with a trusted physician

Akram K.
Submitted 04/30/21

Lauren K.
Submitted 04/29/21
Dr. Harris is wonderful. Great bedside manner. Super attentive and caring. Can’t recommend her enough.

Terrance O.
Submitted 04/29/21
Very patient, gave very clear detailed explanations.

Nancy C.
Submitted 04/29/21
Dr. Harris has a very easy going personality, put me at ease.

Julie B. M.
Submitted 04/28/21
Dr. Marsha Harris is a gem, and a rare combination of a doctor with great surgical expertise along with a warm and witty personality plus a fabulous bedside manner. What more could one possibly ask for? I feel fortunate that I was referred to her, and recommend her VERY highly.

Sofia D.
Submitted 04/28/21
Dr. Marsha is the best. I am happy that I found her. She is professional and great person!

Olga M.
Submitted 04/28/21
Very knowledgeable doctor

Submitted 04/28/21
DR Harris, is very caring and professional.

Terry M.
Submitted 04/27/21
Dr. Harris has mastered the art and science of making people feel comfortable despite the awkwardness of their problem. But even more than that, she is a fantastic physician. Her diagnosis and treatment skills are superb. She is one of my favorite doctors. Because of her great bedside manner, her amazing knowledge and successful technical skills, she has helped many, many patients fortunate enough to be under her care.

Irit E.
Submitted 04/27/21

Eugene A.
Submitted 04/23/21
Extremely professional wonderful energy..I was confused about what I was experiencing and she took her time and walked me through it,I’m fully informed and on the Road to recovery. I’m so grateful..

Gina M.
Submitted 04/22/21

Stephanie N.
Submitted 04/22/21
Dr Harris was great as usual, but her receptionist was the nastiest person to ever deal with. Rude and obnoxious.

Myrna O.
Submitted 04/22/21
Very professional, Down to earth

Jerome C.
Submitted 04/22/21
Dr Harris, Is very informative with a great sence of humor, Overall she is Excellent.

Nora B.
Submitted 04/22/21
Made me feel very comfortable

Karen H.
Submitted 04/22/21
What we all need at the hardest times is not only great doctors but great human beings. I was fortunate to be in Dr. Harris’s care when those two qualities were truly needed.

Gregory W.
Submitted 04/22/21
So thankful that I was referred to Dr Harris. She truly cares and the same goes for her amazing staff.

H P.
Submitted 04/22/21
Highly recommend. Extremely knowledgeable, kind, caring and thoughtful.

Md H.
Submitted 04/20/21
They are professional workers.

Jack S.
Submitted 04/16/21
Dr Harris makes problems go away. Using her skills and charm she take her patients concerns and take away our fears. Dr Harris is easy to talk about your problems and fears. She is a wonderful person and friendly to her patients. I am so happy picking her as my doctor. I want to see her she is talented and skilled. I Love my Dr Harris!!! There are not many doctors I can say this but Dr Harris is the BEST!!! Thank You Dr Harris!!!

Samantha G.
Submitted 04/16/21
Dr Harris always makes me feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. I appreciate her honesty and humor.

Yasmine F.
Submitted 04/16/21
Dr. Harris is the best .

Lowell P.
Submitted 04/15/21
Dr. Harris was very considerate, professional, and reassuring. Unfortunately, my lousy health insurance (MVP) would not provide coverage on any NYC surgeons when I needed one.

Hildegard A.
Submitted 04/15/21
Dr. Harris is attentive, considerate,and knowledgeable.She always takes the time to answer any of my questions and concerns. I respect and trust her as a person and surgeon. Dr.Marsha Harris is the #1 colorectal surgeon in New York.

Janet P.
Submitted 04/15/21
Dr Harris was referred to me by another physician whom I trust completely. He did not steer me wrong. Dr. Harris is a very kind, compassionate and attentive physician. I felt very at ease with her, she listened to my issues and gave me some options to resolve my complaints. I would not hesitate to see her again.

Sando T.
Submitted 04/15/21
Very accommodating, personal, and professional

Tova G.
Submitted 04/06/21
I had a very good experience at the office or Dr. Harris. I found to be very considerate to her patients.

Lynn M.
Submitted 04/06/21
Dr. Harris made me feel comfortable during my initial visit and provided me an explanation on how to remedy my health issue. I felt very comfortable with her expertise and moved forward with the procedure she recommended.

Antonette B.
Submitted 04/06/21
My experience was excellent and informative Miss Harris has a very sunny disposition and is very interested in what you have to say as a patient, she will explain to you in full detail about any and all procedures and answer all questions that you ask intellectually and in layman terms that you understand what your options are, I knew going in that the procedure was going to be very painful during the healing process but I would do it again and again for the piece of mind it has given me, should not have taken so long to do this procedure but I never had a doctor like Miss Harris I would recommend her to everyone that needs this procedure done or any procedure that she does for that matter I have already recommended her to my family and coworkers she’s very caring 100% from me

Tyler M.
Submitted 04/06/21
Doctor Harris has provided the best service and really cares about her patients. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a great experience.

Julie M.

Submitted 01/17/21

Dr. Harris is absolutely wonderful. Period. She’s lovely, funny and kind and she LISTENS. I have finally found a gastroenterology specialist I feel I can trust. And she is the fourth one I have seen for the issues I have. Plus her office is calm and serene, and I was actually taken early for my appointment. Recommend her highly!!!!

Angelo F.

Submitted 11/25/20

I highly reccomend Dr. Harris. Made the visit pleasant and easy. Top Doctor definitely. A wonderful person too.

Patricia L.

Submitted 10/03/19

I am so grateful to have found Dr. Harris. I knew from my very first visit, I was in the right hands. Dr. Harris took the time to examine me, listen to my concerns, answer all of my questions, and never made me feel rushed. She is an expert in her field, empathetic, and as a bonus… she’s pretty funny too! Thanks Doc, for being you!

Stephen K.

Submitted 07/19/19

I had been in enormous pain for months from an anal fissure that was not getting any better. I had been to another rectal surgeon for 3 visits and was further injured at each exam. I was nearly non functional from the pain. Dr. Harris was recommended to me by my gastroenterologist and at my first visit she found the lack of any healing. She proposed a sphincterotomy indicating that the pain would be mostly gone in a week and completely gone in 2 to 3 weeks. That is exactly what happened and I have been pain free for years now and completely healed.

Juan A.

Submitted 02/28/18

Very nice experience

Kelsey K.

Submitted 02/06/18

Friendly, knowledgeable, takes his time (doesn’t rush thru the appointment like other doctors often do). Great doctor!!

Amy B.

Submitted 01/30/18

Dr. Harris quickly made me feel at ease during my visit. I walked away feeling relieved and informed about my health.

Peter F.

Submitted 01/25/18

Professional and quick

Christopher D.

Submitted 01/18/18

Excellent, one of the best doctors.

Greg A.

Submitted 01/16/18

Dr. Harris was very clear in her diagnosis and on what my options are going forward. Straightforward and to the point, exactly as you would want in a doctor.

Zhenli G.

Submitted 11/02/17

attentive and thorough examination

Lee K.

Submitted 10/14/17

Helpful staff and professional service by dr Harris!

Aswin N.

Submitted 07/21/17

Great doctor. Carefully goes over the options. Addresses al concerns.

Steven B.

Submitted 07/20/17

Am excellent doctor who makes a potentially uncomfortable situation as pleasant as possible

Morton G.

Submitted 04/28/17

Thank you.

Subhir K.

Submitted 04/25/17

Dr. Harris is simply the best. Personable, trust worthy, kind, giving, are a few of the many adjectives I can use for Dr. Harris. Thank you, Dr. Harris for making me feel so comfortable by being super nice

Matt A.

Submitted 04/20/17

nice doctor who doesn’t bullshit (pardon the pun) you. will see again should anything ever flare up.

Yeng-Tse W.

Submitted 04/18/17

I wish I was given information on aftercare and what to expect. Is a little bleeding normal? Best way to keep the wound clean? Keep doing sitz baths? How long will it take for the wound to heal? Things I shouldn’t do? Etc. Pleas do not post this with my name.

Tracey O.

Submitted 03/16/17

Very Easy to talk to, gives clear information about procedures and what to expect. Came highly recommended by my OBG Dr.

Kohl G.

Submitted 03/13/17

Good times

Ashley W.

Submitted 02/25/17

Dr. Harris was great! She explained everything so well, and really made sure I understood what she was doing and what my options were. I had no wait, and the office staff was very friendly.

Cary N.

Submitted 02/15/17

Great experience, took the time to explain everything in detail

Suzanne C.

Submitted 02/13/17

The Doctor was very informative and recommended me to his colleague.

James R.

Submitted 02/08/17

Dr. Harris is awesome!

Michael B.

Submitted 01/11/17

Dr. Harris is terrific — warm, funny, and willing to explain in understandable language what she is going to do. Highly recommended.

Michael K.

Submitted 01/10/17

Very helpful and friendly

Stiven K.

Submitted 01/04/17

Great Explanation and quick work on the procedure.

Jessica A.

Submitted 12/20/16

Very pleasant staff and doctor Harris always is very clear and helps with such an uncomfortable problem

Gerard P.

Submitted 12/12/16

Excellent doctor. He answered all my questions and was able to treat my pain quickly.

Michael M.

Submitted 12/05/16

Very knowledgeable and understanding of concerns, as well as informative. Would recommend to friends and family.

John D.

Submitted 09/02/16

Excellent Care!

Susan W.

Submitted 08/25/16

Considering the issues that may be involved in “why” you may need an appointment with Dr. Harris, she cannot put her patients more at ease. A wonderful demeanor and takes the time to explain to her patients various options. I would highly recommend.

Chikuang C.

Submitted 08/01/16

Excellent doctor. Kind and caring. None better.

Anna C.

Submitted 07/16/16

Dr. Marsha Harris is a very calm doctor who put me at ease and is very easy to talk to!

Marisa Z.

Submitted 07/06/16

Friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, good listener.

Sheila K.

Submitted 06/15/16

Upbeat, professional and efficient!

Inna S.

Submitted 05/04/16

Dr. Marsha Harris is wonderful. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and straightforward. She gives you your options to choose. She did help me. I would highly recommend her.